We, Hangzhou Kwinda Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd., are nonwoven machinery manufacturer specialized in nonwoven industry with about 10 years experiences. We can help you design and improve you nonwoven plant and provide all the technology of nonwoven complete plant. Especially in nonwoven field, we provide not only the complete nonwoven plant or unit machine but also operate manufacturing and sales in various kinds of nonwoven fabric. With those outstanding conditions, the equipment and project provided by us are verified by actual operation and the spirit of design is conform to operator's demand perfectly.
Since last century, there is highly economic development in global and speedy growth in population. To satisfy human being substance consumption's requested, we will continue to improve in order to provide higher quality products and services. Our products is including nonwoven unit machine and complete plant. such as bale opener, breaker, blender, carding machine, crosslapper, needle loom, nonwoven oven, iron cylinder, winder and cutter machine and spare parts. We also provide a wide range of non-woven plant with high speed, mass capacity & good profit. Such as: thermo-bonded wadding nonwoven plant, spray-bonded wadding nonwoven plant, scouring pad nonwoven plant, needle punching synthetic leather plant, geotextile nonwoven plant, nonwoven punching carpet making plant, dust filter material nonwoven plant, polyester water-proof felt for roof plant, nonwoven punching auto roof felt plant, needle punching liner plant, nonwoven quilt plant.

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