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Hangzhou Friends Trading Co., Ltd is the main adhesive tape marketer in China, our major clients are thoes have very good reputation and renown companies in the field that have direct or indirect biz with your company.
Established in 2011, Friends will be a leader in both manufacturing and selling packaging materials. We are committed to providing you the best packaging materials for your application. Whether it's a single adhesive tape or multi packaging machines. Quality and customer fulfillment are our first goal. Friends is committed to a continuous product development program and to maintain our market leadership position.

Products information
1. Short polymerization time and strong adhesive force.
2. Strong antioxidation and persistent adhesive force.3. Strong waterproofness, good heatproof performance, can work in the higher and lower temperatures.
4. Print various of designs, shapes and LOGO for customers and the print effect is clear, precise and colorful. Can be used for all kinds of fake-proofs.
5. Smooth print surface and good printing ink.
6. No rupture, no glue falls and easy to slit.
7. Safe and non-toxic, harmless to health.
8. Easy to use and no sticky to hands.
9. Environmental protection and no pollution to the environmen.

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