Goldensea Tec Ltd. - Shenzhen, China


Goldensea Tec Ltd. is a middle-small scale manufacture and trading company in the field of light industry in china which main products included IEC standard electric motor, wind turbine and ceramic housewares.

Our Main E-motor Series(conform to IEC standard):
1.Y2 series low voltage cast iron motor: frame size: 63-355mm; output range:0.12-315KW
2. Y2 series low voltage big power motor: frame size:355-560 mm, output range:132-2000KW
3. Aluminum motor: frame size: 56-132mm output range:0.06-11KW
4. explosion proof series three phase asynchronous motor: frame size:80-355mm??output range:0.55-315KW
5. Y2EJ series electromagnetic braking motor: frame size: 71-200mm output range:0.18-37KW
6. YR series motor: frame size 355-1000mm output range:185-5600KW
7. YKK series high voltage closed type three phase asynchronous motor:frame size355-1000mm output range:185-8000KW

Small wind turbine Series:
Our small wind turbine series products passedproject and accepted by The Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic China.

We are acting high performance with perfection quality control, consummate solutions which save world energy and protect the environment. We volunteer to help the infirm people, protect human rights and promote global economic development & integration.

We always focusing on improving technology and

promoting efficiency of our products...

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