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Foshan Haiyinya Electric Technology Co.,Ltd specializes in producing all kinds of UPS power supply and inverter, home UPS, industrial inverter, three phase sine wave inverter, high-frequency car inverter, controller, photovoltaic grid - inverter, inverter control of one machine, Hybrid grid controllers. power from 200W ~ 200KW, which can carry any load (including all household appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators; industrial bench drilling machine, industrial sewing machines and other processing equipment); three-phase sine wave inverter ( DC /DC voltage Range 48v ~ 480V), power to do 50KW, can be used for three-phase load, the conversion efficiency of 87% or more, DC down, using a small number of cells can work, is widely used in fire emergency three-phase power supply, etc.; Car inverse Transformer size is small, pure sine wave output, good quality, especially durability; there are two kinds of display mode: LED with the LCD,

We adhere to customer demand-oriented, dedicated to providing competitive solutions in their efforts to create the domestic first-class enterprises also make a greater contribution to society.

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