Feng Hua CHEMICAL FIBER CO.,LTD - Changle, China


We are professional lace and fabric manufacturer and wholesaler in China.
The main products of us(fabric-lace.biz)
Eyelash lace trim
Jacquard lace trim
Jacquardtronic lace fabric
Jacquardtronic lace trim
Jacquardtronic stretch lace trim
Nylon/Polyester mesh fabric
Raschel lace fabric
Raschel lace trim
Raschel nylon lace fabric
Raschel nylon lace trim
Raschel stretch lace fabric
Textronic lace fabric
Textronic lace trim
Textronic stretch lace fabric
Textronic stretch lace trim

It can used for Government, Accessories, Embroidery & Crafts Textile, Knitting, Knitting Fabrics, Terry Fabrics, Textile Agents, Underwear & Nightwear.

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