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China Chem Co. Ltd, established in 2001, is the biggest subsidiary of China National Chemical Supply and Sales Group Corporation. Their scope covers imports and exports, base on trade of chemical materials, organic intermediates, fine chemicals, rubber, plastics, steel, mining products, and related products.
Having the advantages of chemical resources in China, China Chem Co., Ltd is one of the biggest chemical corporations in China.

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China Chem always concentrates on development of customers and insist on operation beliefs such as‘grow with our customers together’. Having close relationships with hundreds of big-name companies in more than 50 countries and regions as well as in over 3000 domestic enterprises, China Chem sets up its steady market channels which provide good opportunity to their customers from all over the world.

China Chem is a company that has the best professional staff in the Chinese chemical trading industry. China Chem’s professional team can provide all sorts of services such as, Global Chemical Trading, Consultant Services, and Chemical Marketing Research.
Furthermore, China Chem perseveres in its professional and systematic way of business. China Chem believes that trust and customer service are the most important factors for itself to face the challenge of Globalization. China Chem’s goal is to be the biggest chemical distributor in China, and it believes this will be achieved based on its improving competitive advantage, resource integration and valuable innovation.

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