Beijing Henglida Carpet Co.,Ltd - Beijing, China


Henglida Carpet was founded on Oct 8, 1980, the main products are hand-knotted silk carpets in Persian style. Through several decades of hard work, it has been developed to a modernized enterprise covering knitting, ordering and selling, to well exported to America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We owned 38 branch factories in Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Shanxi province, with more than 1800 employees.

Our factories annually knit rugs at a total of 260 types, 30,000 square feet including silk rugs, silk and wool rugs, artificial silk rugs etc. All of our rugs are made of fine quality materials with beautiful designs by fine workmanship, so are regarded as art treasures for their elegance and dazzling beauty. From feeding the silkworm to weaving, they combined the traditional ways with western Persia innovation. These high qualities demonstrate HENGLIDA people's wisdom and diligence, and represent the Chinese traditional culture.

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