Awing Hong Kong Co., Ltd - Shenzhen, China


Awing Hong Kong Co., Ltd is indicating main in communication electronics and peripheral products information terminal products development. Including 2G/3G/4G and further high-end wireless data terminal products. Also with new novel-product R&D. We have formed a complete communication electronics series products, for Modem, Router and simple PC.
We have our own integration, customization, material purchase, sales, service and brand running. Also we have our brand.
As a R&D-driven and OEM company, we pay great attention to R & D, invested heavily in engineers training, the acquisition of advanced R & D facility and lab construction. We dedicated to rank highest among competitors and win market by providing customers with advanced, stable and reliable products.
All of OEM products are produced in our factory in Shenzhen. Our aim is that high quality and low price. We also have professionals in selling and service and we will supply one-to-one service to all customers.
We have our own wireless distributor channel focusing on Huawei/ZTE modems, MIFI routers with completive price. We promise to all customers a one-year guarantee. Our clients include IT markets, wholesalers, government bodies and operators etc.
Company products are widely used in fields like business, family and SOHO. We have successfully exported to US, England, Thailand, India, Indonesia and other overseas countries. Our products has won the praise of domestic customers and also won overseas customers by stable and reliable products, comprehensive services

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