ATB TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD - Shenzhen, China


ATB Technology CO.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and system solution provider of vehicle and pedestrian access control.
  From original hardware product manufacturing to provide systems integration and solution, ATB has through a stage of development. We design and manufacture products including intelligent parking management systems, parking guidance system, long range RFID parking device, pedestrian entrance and exit gate and systems and fare collection systems. Our series products have been wildly applied at shopping mall, residential area, stadiums, subways, bus stations, port, theme park etc.
Based on the stringent requirements of product quality, we have undertaken the international ISO9001, and passed through CE certification on the parking system and access gates. We are committed to the pursuit of the goal which are stable operation of the systems and products performance, simple user-friendly features, and trouble free of the after sales. With premier quality product and superior stable systems performance, ATB have been wildly applied in all industries. 

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