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Asbelt (QIANSU) is a company which integrated R&D, Design and Production. We have leading automatic transportation parts. We have varies types of Plastic Belt, such as Plastic Modular Belt, Plastic Flat Top Belt, Multiflex Belt, Tobacco Belt and Straight Running Belt etc. Application in the conveyor of Filling Industry, Process Industry, Packaging and Canning Industry etc.The main material of the belts are POM which can contact the food directly and PP which is wear resisting.We also supply Conveyor such as Belt Conveyor, Modular Belt Conveyor, Roller Conveyor and Multiflex Belt Conveyor.Asbelt (QIANSU) provide good & on-time service. We promise to provide good quality plastic modular belts solution for every application. https://www.asbelt.net/

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