419 Investment Advisers Llc - Sunnyvale, United States


Sunnyvale's most modern 419 operator, contact [pierre.suchet@yahoo.fr] for prompt information.

The 419 operation is fully supported under the Yahoo! scammer maildrop family of services and can interoperate with almost any mailer in the world. Thanks to the miracle of modern money transfer services, your money can also interoperate. You send whatever you have, and the operator can take it in the form of the local currency or US dollars at his choice.

The solicitations for the 419 operation are themselves marvels. They are as welcome as fresh canine leavings, conveniently packaged in a paper sack and politely set aflame on the door step.

Most investments are fully backed by the Yahoo! no-questions no-money-back policy, meaning that your principal is perfectly safe in the hands of the investment operator. Review the several opportunities offered with their respective operators and product line representatives to find the one which is right for you.

Third-party investment services provide their own warranties. Verify the warranty before investing. Consider the risks when dealing with scammers.

Here's the famous "top twenty" list of advanced fee supervisors:

  1. akuecobinigplc@yahoo.co.uk
  2. bill.blase@att.com
  3. bludwig@cvent.com
  4. bmalhotra@cvent.com
  5. charleskoku100@gmail.com
  6. globaltechimport1@gmail.com
  7. james.cicconi@att.com
  8. jamie@floridaenet.com
  9. john.stankey@att.com
  10. koraym@outlook.fr
  11. lidavid346@gmail.com
  12. ll1753@att.com
  13. lori.lee@att.com
  14. mr.jibrilj_aku@yahoo.de
  15. office_cbn@rediffmail.com
  16. payment_dept@africamail.com
  17. pfloris@cvent.com
  18. raggarwal@cvent.com
  19. ralph.delavega@att.com
  20. rs2982@att.com


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