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Place of Origin : Chengdu,China
Post Date : 20-05-2021
Expiry Date : 18-03-2024

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Chengdu Kindarco Bio-tech Co., Ltd, Natural Extracts Manufacturers, Continually Provides Qualified Products And Production Solutions To Our Esteemed Customers.

Phloretin Is Planted Phenolic Of Dihydrochalcone With The Appearance Of Needle Crystal. It Has A Variety Of Bio-activities, Such As Regulating The Blood Pressure And Blood Glucose, Protecting The Heart And Scavenging The Free Radicals. It Has The Characteristic Of Low Toxicity And Widely Used In The Food, Nutraceutical And Cosmetics Industries.

Phloretin Was Listed In FEMA As The Raw Material Of Flavors And Fragrances In 2011 With FEMA No. 4390, GB2760 As The Chinese Food Additives In 2014 With No. N376 And International Cosmetic Materials Standard 10632.

Product Information Of Phloretin

Product Name Phloretin
Chemical Name 2,4,6-Trihydroxy-3-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)
Herbal Source Pyrus Malus
Molecular Formula C15H14O5?274.28
CAS NO 60 82 2
Specification 95.0% , 98.0% HPLC
Appearance White Powder
Phloretin Benefitss


1. Inhibit The Tyrosinase Effects, Fade-out The Speckles And Whiten The Skins.
2. Has A Great Effect Of Anti-oxidant, Postpones The Skin Wrinkling And Ageing.
3. Can Stop The Sugar Elements From Entering The Surface Cells, Inhibit The Cutaneous Gland Over-secreting, And Remedy The Acne.
4. Has Remarkable Moisturizing Function.
1.Anti-oxidant, And Anti-free Radical;
2. Anti-inflammation, And Immunosuppression Effects.
Flavours And Fragrances
1. Inhibit The Bitterness And Other Unpleasant Taste In Food To Gain Good Mouthfeel.
3.Reduce The Odor Problems In High-intensity Sweeteners And Mask Undesirable Flavors
4.Used As A Flavor Modulator After Matched With Stevia.

TDS Of Phloretin
5.Assay Item 6.Standard 7.Test Result
8.Assay( On Dry Product) 9.=95.0%
10.=98.0% 11.=95.0% (HPLC)
12.=98.0% (HPLC)
13.Appearance 14.White Powder 15.Conforms
16.Odor 17.None To Slight 18.Conforms
19.Heavy Metals 20.=10ppm 21.<10ppm
22.As 23.=1ppm 24.<1ppm
25.Cd 26.=1ppm 27.<1ppm
28.Pb 29.=1ppm 30.<1ppm
31.Hg 32.=0.1ppm 33.<0.1ppm
34.Water 35.=5.0% 36.Conforms
37.Sulphated Ashes 38.=0.1% 39.Conforms
40.Methyl Alcohol 41.=100ppm 42.<100ppm
43.Ethyl Alcohol 44.=1000ppm 45.<1000ppm
46.Particle Size 47.95% Through 80 Mesh 48.Conforms
49.Bacteria 50.=1000cfu/g 51.Conforms
52.Mould And Yeast 53.=100cfu/g 54.Conforms
55.Salmonella 56.Negative 57.Negative
58.Escherichia Coli 59.Negative 60.Negative

Company Inforamtion
Chengdu Kindarco Biotech Co., Ltd
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