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Place of Origin : Qingdao,China
Delivery Terms : 45 Days
Payment Terms : T.T. Or L/C At Sight

Product Description

Textile machienries including blow room, carding, draw frame, roving frame, ring spinning frame, winding machines. Parts including steel ring, spindle, bobbin, rubber apron, rubber cot, sliver can, roller, pendulum arm etc. We also supply lab equipments for textile industry.

Basic Information

Brand : Seavin
Model : FA

Physical Specification

Other Specification : A002D, FA006, A035B, FA113, FA022, FA106, FA141, FA201B, FA306, FA473, FA506, FA1508, FA1518 Etc.

Company Inforamtion
Qingdao Seavin Import & Emport Co., Ltd.
[ Exporter - China ]
 : Rm 718, No.31 Sichuan Rd,, Qingdao,China
 : +86-532-80915579

 : Kevin Gong
 : +86-532-80915579
 : +86-13705322600~
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