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FAS opener D2 - Product

Place of Origin : Xian,China
Delivery Time : 10 Week Days
Payment Terms : FOB

Product Description

Honfe Supplier Co., Ltd specialize in supplying weaving spare parts with high rank quality. For example, Guide tooth blocks, guide teeth, Cam plates, picking shoes, picking links, projectile feeders, Projectile selectors, projectile lifters. projectile openers, sales6(at)honfe(dot)com guide rails, projectile grippers, projectile feeders, RH levers, Weft end grippers, Tucking needles, Projectile returners, brake band, scissors, centering blades, picking blocks, sales6(at)honfe(dot)com picking

Basic Information

Brand : Honfe

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Honfe Supplier Co., Ltd Specialize In Supplying Weaving Spare Parts With High Rank Quality. For Example, Guide Tooth Blocks, Guide Teeth, Cam Plates, Picking Shoes, Picking Links, Projectile Feeders, Projectile Selectors, Projectile Lifters. Projectile Openers, Sales6(at)honfe(dot)com Guide Rails, Projectile Grippers, Projectile Feeders, RH Levers, Weft End Grippers, Tucking Needles, Projectile Returners, Brake Band, Scissors, Centering Blades, Picking Blocks, Sales6(at)honfe(dot)com Picking Levers For Sulzer PUD1, PUD2, TW11, P7100, P7150, P7200 PS Looms. Our Products Including: 1. Projectile Loom Parts Fit For Sulzer TW11, PUD1, PUD2, P7100 Looms, Etc. 2. Rapier Loom Parts Fit For Somet 92, Somet 93, Thema11, Thema 11E, C401, P401, P1001, TP500, TP600, Picnaol GTM, GTM-AS, GAMMA,etc. 3. Air-jet Loom Parts Fit For Picanol PAT, Picanol Omni/Delta, Picanol Omni-plus , Tsudakoma ZA200, ZA203, ZA205, ZA209, ZAX, Toyota 500 / Toyota 600 Looms,etc. 4. Jacquards Loom Parts Fit For JPHF-0001, 0003, Etc

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Honfe Supplier Co.,Ltd
[ Exporter - China ]
 :  B1101 Oak Block, No.36 South Fenghui RD,Hi-Tech Zone
 : +86-2984243660

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