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Place of Origin : Tian Jin,China
Delivery Terms : Within10 Days
Product Capacity : 1000000
Payment Terms : Tt Lc Others

Product Description

Our cabinet include Outdoor Telecom Cabinet with Air to Air Heat Exchanger, Air to Air Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchange Core, Outdoor Telecom Cabinet, etc. What's more, we can offer cooling solution for outdoor telecom base station, which is environment-friendly, energy-saving and cost saving.

Basic Information

Brand : Ebell
Model : As Per Demand
Material : Stainless Steel
Color : As Per Demand
Expiry/Validation Period : 1 Year

Physical Specification

Size or Volume : As Per Demand
Weight : As Per Demand
Other Specification : Our Patent Products(Cabinet Type): 1、Outdoor Cabinet With Heat Exchanger The Communication Cabinet With Heat Exchanger Consists Of Standard 19” Cabinet And Side Installed Or Top Installed Air/air Heat Exchanger. Heat Exchanger For Cabinet Is A Kind Of New Technology Product With Self-owned Intellectual Property Right Which Has Adopted One Invention And Several Utility Model Patent Technology. It Has Good Heat Exchanging Performance, And Its Protection Level Reaches IP55. The Heat Exchange System With Completely Segregated Internal And External Circulation Can Guarantee The Heat Dissipation Inside The Cabinet Which Is Completely Sealed. It Can Provide Strong Dissipation Air Volume And Clean Working Environment For Equipments Inside The Cabinet. 2、Stainless Steel Cabinet With Heat Shield 3、unearthed Underground Pipe Network 4、Distribution Box 5、Outdoor Cable Distribution Cabinet 6、alex.yang AT Elecyax Dot C Om National Patent No.: ZL 96 2 02905.X ; ZL 2007 2 0097289.9 ; ZL 2007 2 0097285.0 ; ZL 2007 2 0097311.X ; 201010286730.4 ; 201020535424.5 Tianjin Committee Of Science And Technology Project No.: 09ZHHJGX30100 Note: All Above Products Are Just Some Samples, The Final Products Are Subject To Your Demand, We Are In The Position To Manufacture Some Other Cabinet Such As Indoor Network Or Telecom Cabinet, Switch Box. We Offer Professional Consultant Service For Free.

Company Inforamtion
Tianjin Yanxiang Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd
[ Exporter - China ]
 : 4 Yingbin Road, Zhongbei Industry Garden, Xiqing District,Tianjin,China.
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 : alex yang
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