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WT-1010C2 GSM Terminal Use As Backup For Landline In The Alarm System - Product

Place of Origin : Georgetown,Malaysia

Product Description

1.Telecom landline backup. Usually, the alarm panel will use telephone line as the main transmission and use GSM modem as the backup. If landline is been cut by the intruder, the alarm will call out using GSM modem. This methods is widely use in the places that security is highly important. For example, bank, jewelry shops, notebook house, ATM machines and etc where double protection on properties is required.

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 2. The Second Function Is Connecting The GSM Dialer To The Alarm Panel As The Main Communicator And Use At The Places Without Telecom Landline 3. This Unit Also Acts Like The Low Cost Basic Alarm System. It Also Can Use Like The GSM Alarm System Without Any Alarm Panel It Can Report To 8 Telephone Numbers Or Alarm Receiving Center By Itself. The Design Of WT-1010 Also Completed With 3 Relay Output To Achieved Remote Controlling. For Example, It Can Use To Turn On/off Lighting, AC, Refrigerator Remotely Though SMS. Furthermore, 3 Input Connect To The Input Panel, When There Is Short Circuit Impulse, The WT-1010 Will Sent The Sms To The Programmable Phone Number. For Example Zone 4 Is Connected To The Electrical Door, When There Is Intruder Or The Electrical Door Is Opened Illegally, WT-1010 Will Sent Sms To Notify The Owner.

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 : William Chin
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