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Place of Origin : Rawalpindi,Pakistan

Product Description

Portable DCP Fire Extinguisher: Portable DCP type fire extinguishers with ABC type powder are ideal to fight A, B, C type fires. ABC powder consists of Mono-ammonium Phosphate. At the time of fire when the powder is thrown on the fire, mono-ammonium phosphate gets heated and it releases the water, thus it gives the cooling effect and extinguishes the A class of fire. Similarly, the dry powder has given blanketing effect to fire and extinguish B and C class of fire.

Basic Information

Color : RED

Physical Specification

Weight : 6KG
Other Specification : 

The Specification Of ABC Type Fire Extinguisher are As Follows:

  • 1-They Are Suitable For A, B, C Class Fires And Electrical Fires.
  • 2-It Is non-corrosive and Ensures The Safety Of The Customers’ Belongings.
  • 3-It Has Silicon-based Powder.
  • 4-Easy To Use.
  • 5-Easy Squeeze Grip
  • 6-Wall Mounting Bracket
  • 7-Strong Protective Base
  • 8-Maintenance Free.
  • 9-It Has A High Discharge Rate Of 1 Kg. In 8 Seconds.
  • 10-light In Weight.
  • 11-It Has Controlled Discharge.
  • 12-It Has A Pressure Indicator And Hence Reliable.
  • 13-It Is The Low-pressure Type And Hence No CCOE License Is Required.
  • 14-nontoxic.
  • 15-It Contains No Moisture Hence The Powder (Mono Ammonium Phosphate) Does Not Get Damaged.
  • 16-It Can Be Used And Operated From A Distance.

Company Inforamtion
Universal Fire Protection
[ Distributor - Pakistan ]
 : Office No. 302, Rehman Center, Opp Shama Metro Bus Stop?, Ferozepur Road, Ichhra, Lahore, Punjab 54600, Pakistan
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 : Khadim Hussain
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