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Portable Binocular Infrared Thermal Imager (IRT307) - Product



Place of Origin : Wuhan,China

Product Description

IRT307 is a new innovation in binocular portable IR thermal imager. Rugged, durable, light-weight and low-power consumption, together with binocular OLED, it is your best choice for day & night security surveillance, research and rescue, law enforcement etc. Waterproof, sealed design, shock/ vibration and salt proof guarantee working well in any harsh conditions.

Basic Information

Brand : Iraytek
Model : IRT307

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Detector Materials 320 X 240, Uncooled FPA Spectral Range 8μm~14μm Pitch 38μm X38μm NETD ≤50mk FOV 7.7°x5.8° Focal Length 90mm (f/1.2) Focus Auto Imager Frequency 25Hz/30Hz Electronic Zoom X2 Imager Processing DDE (Digital Detail Enhancement)

Company Inforamtion
IRay Technology Co., Ltd
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : 456 Luoyu Road, Donghu District
 : +86-27-87598145

 : Joanne Wang
 : +86-27-87598145
 : +86-131-47100985~
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