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Good Quality Walk through Metal Detector Garrett PD6500i - Product





Place of Origin : Shenzhen,China
Delivery Terms : 3-7 Work Days
Delivery Time : 3-5 Days After Receive Payment
Product Capacity : 500 Sets/week
Payment Terms : TT, Western Union

Product Description

PD6500i walk through metal detector
1.33 zones
2.waterproof & fireproof control
4.LCD display

Basic Information

Brand : TEC
Model : PD6500i
Material : Metal,wooden

Physical Specification

Weight : 95KG
Other Specification : The PD 6500i Is An Advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) -Pinpointing Based Walk Through Metal Detector That Provides Superior Target Detection With Excellent Metal Discrimination Capabilities. Traffic Flow: Pacing Lights With International "wait" ( ) And "proceed" ( ) Symbols Are Located On The Entrance Side Of Each Panel And Allow Smooth And Efficient Traffic Flow. The PD 6500i Traffic Counter Tracks The Number Of Patrons That Have Passed Through The Detector, The Number Of Alarms And Calculates The Alarm Percentage. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 1.1 DIMENSIONS Passage Interior: Width: 30" (0.76m) Height: 80" (2m) Depth: 23" (0.58m) Overall Exterior: Width: 35" (0.9m) Height: 87" (2.2m) Depth: 23" (0.58m) Shipping Weight: 100 Kg 1.2 OPERATING CONDITIONS Temperature: -4 (-20) To +158 (70) Humidity: Up To 95% Non-condensing. DESCRIPTION OF CONTROLS, DISPLAYS AND ALARMS 1.3.BAR GRAPH The LED Bar Graph Is Comprised Of A Series Of Lights. The Bar Graph Light Activity Represents The Level Of Metal Detection Intensity Occurring Within The Archway. The Detection Intensity Is Dependent Upon The Quantity And Composition Of The Metallic Object(s), And The Program And Sensitivity Settings Of The Unit. The Bar Graph Also Indicates The Presence Of Electrical Interference And Interference From Nearby Moving Metallic Objects. 1.4. READY LIGHT The Green READY Light Appears When Power Is On And The PD 6500i Is Ready To Detect Metal. The Ready Light Must Be Illuminated Before A Patron Is Permitted To Enter The Walk-through. 1.5 BACKLIT LCD The LCD Is A Visual Display Located In The Overhead Panel. The LCD Reports Calibration And Operational Information, Including Program And Sensitivity Settings, Operator Functions And Fault Indication. The LCD Displays All Self-prompting Regulation And Control Functions As Well As Traffic Count Information.

Company Inforamtion
Hongkong Tonyhoney Electronics Company Limited.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 :  4 FLOOR,TONGFUYU Industrial Zone, DALANG,Guangdong Shenzhen, P.R.China
 : 86+18719058708

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