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Glass Fiber Reinforced PP-R - Product



Place of Origin : Weihai,China
Delivery Terms : FOB
Delivery Time : 10 Days
Product Capacity : 20000T/Year
Payment Terms : L/C, D/P, T/T

Product Description

Excellent coefficient of linear expansion
Good mechanical property
High heat-resistance

Basic Information

Brand : LIC
Expiry/Validation Period : 1 Year

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Specifications Test Item Unit LPG2 LPG4 Test Method Density G/cm3 1.08 1.1 GB/T1033-2008 MFR (2.16/230) G/10min 5 4.5 GB/T3682-2000 Tensile Strength MPa 35 55 GB/T1040-1992 Elogation At Break % 15 8 GB/T1040-1992 Flexural Strength MPa 50 75 GB/T9341-2000 Flexural Modulus MPa 2300 3000 GB/T9341-2000 Impact Strength Notched KJ/m2 10 10 GB/T1043-1993 Impact Strength Unnotched KJ/m2 25 25 GB/T1043-1993 Ash Content % 25 30 GB/T9345-1988 Advantages Excellent Expansion Coefficient; Non-mandatory Pre-stripping, As Required For Pipes, Reinforced Aluminum Foil; Due To The Small Thermal Expansion Increases The Distance Between The Supports, Which Reduces The Total Number Of Support And Reduces The Cost Of Installation; Increases The Life Of Heating And Cooling; By Strengthening Glass Tube Increases The Hardness Of The Pipe That The Thinner Wall Keeps Product Reliability; Increased By 20% Conductivity Of The Carrier; Thermal Conductivity Lower Than That Of The Reinforced Aluminum Tubes And Heat Is Standard PP Pipes; Streamlined And Accelerated Installation, As There Is No Need For Pre-cleaning Of The Pipe, As It Is Done For Pipes, Reinforced With Aluminum Foil. Mainly Useage Glass-fiber Reinforced PPR Is A New Water Pipe Material With High Properties, Which Use Random PP As Base Material, NM Material And Glass Fiber As Assistant Material,to Increase The Heat-Presistance Rigidity And Strength Of PPR Pipe And To Reduce The Thermal Conductivity, Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion. It Is A Perfect Pipe Material With Heat-resistance And Can Meet The Requirement Of Quality And Sanitary Standard. Packaging & Storage PE Heavy-duty Bag, Water-proof Plastic Paper Bag, 25Kg/bag. It Can Be Stored For 12 Months In A Cool And Dry Place.

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Weihai Lianqiao New Material Science & Technology Co., Ltd
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