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Tin ingots - Product


20 MT

Place of Origin : Tian Jin,China
Delivery Terms : FOB CIF CNF
Delivery Time : In 10 Days
Product Capacity : 500 MT
Payment Terms : T/T /C

Product Description

Tin ingots: chemical symbol: Sn
Character: silvery white,not rigidity,with a good ductility, melting point:232℃,density:7.29g/cm³,non-poisonous
Use/Application:①used as a coating material,having a strong corrosion resistance,in food ,electrical equipment,machine and auto industry
②used to produce alloys.such as Britannia Metal and magnolia metal,which made bearing of anti-high-pressure, high-speed ,used in tubine ,genetator and aircraft.

Basic Information

Color : Silver White

Physical Specification

Weight : :25kg±1kg
Other Specification : Marks/Grade/Brand:Sn99.90 99.95 99.99 25kg±1kg Per Ingot,in Bundle,about1050kg Per Bundle

Company Inforamtion
Tianjin Diyi Ferroalloy Trade Co.Ltd
[ Exporter - China ]
 : beichen district ,tianjin
 : +86-022-60981635

 : Emily Huang
 : +86-022-60981635
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