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Place of Origin : Zhuhai,China

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DSHZ-1 proton magnetic detector is the new generation of proton magnetic detector with new technology based on home and overseas advanced magnetometer. The measuring accuracy is ±1nT, resolution up to 0.1nT, which is according to the demand of issued by original Geology and Minerals Department.

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Brand : Dshing
Model : DSHZ-1

Physical Specification

Other Specification : DSHZ-1 Proton Magnetic Detector Is The New Generation Of Proton Magnetic Detector With New Technology Based On Home And Overseas Advanced Magnetometer. The Measuring Accuracy Is ±1nT, Resolution Up To 0.1nT, Which Is According To The Demand Of Issued By Original Geology And Minerals Department. Application : Oil &gas Survey, And Problems Relative With Oil &gas Geological And Earth Structure; General Survey; Earthquake Warning Signs Monitoring, Volcano Observation And Other Environmental Disaster Geological Works; Geological Map Of Magnetic Survey In Mineral Prospecting: Iron Ore, Zinc Lead Ore, Copper Ores Etc; Study Ore’s Buried Depth, Vein Direction, Continuity, Shape And Size, Ore Scale Estimation; Detailed Survey, General Survey And Geological Mapping; Surface Daily Variation Station Of Navigation And Ocean Magnetic Measurement; Fault Location; Archology; Hydrology; Engineering Exploration Like Pipe Detection Etc.; Detection Of Small Ferromagnetic Object And So On. Main Advantages: 1:Integration Of Clock: Record Time Is Stored Together With The Data Measured 2:Large Display, English Interface, To Display Magnetic Curves Automatically, Easy In Operation. 3:Geomagnetic Field And Gradient Measurement 4:Applicable In Field Survey Or Base Station Measurement 5:Each Point Saves Information Of Latitude, Longitude, Elevation And Time. You Can Measure And Store Them Timely. 6:Backlight LCD Screen Can Be Used At Night. 7:User-friendly Keyboard Can Be Used By Both Hands. 8:It Can Be Tuned Full Range Automatically Or Manually. 8:Portable, It Uses Probe Antenna Frame And Operation Is Easily Fulfilled By One Person. With RS-232C Computer Interface. 9:Can Draw Isograms And Profile Graphs With Professional Geological Software. Technical Specifications: € Power Supply: External Recharg

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