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Place of Origin : Zhuhai,China
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Product Description

DSHM-2A proton magnetic detector is based on the theory of proton magnetic moment revolving freely in geomagnetism, which is a magnetic detector that can measure the absolute value of total geomagnetic field.
It is mainly applied to ground magnetic survey, like the general and detailed survey of iron ore and other metal ore deposit, geological mapping; surface daily variation base station observation of navigation and ocean magnetic detect, magnetic variation

Basic Information

Brand : Dshing
Model : DSHM-2A

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Advantages: Small Volume, Light Weight, Digital Display, High Precision, Wide Measuring Range, Strong Anti-jamming Ability, Small Power Consumption, Convenient Operation And Read, Firm Structure, Reliable And Stable In Performance Etc.DSHM-2A Proton Magnetic Detector Is Consisted By Mainframe And Probe. Main Specifications: Measurement Range: 32,000nT~70,000nT (24 Shifts) When Working Voltage Is 16V, Machine Static Current≤30mA As Probe Is Polarized. When Working Voltage Is 16V, Machine Work Current Is About 1.2 Sensitivity: 1nT/byte Precision: Point Repeat Measurement Error≤2nT Measurement Mean Square Error≤1.5nT Demand Of Measured Field Geomagnetic Field Gradient: Vertical Gradient ≤2000nT/m Horizontal Gradient ≤1500nT/m Working Temperature: -5℃~+45℃ Working Humidity: ≤85% (30℃) Power Source: Lithium Battery, 16.8V/4Ah A As Probe Is Polarized. Mainframe Size: 224*80*235mm Mainframe Weight: 2kg (batteries Included) Detecting Rod Weight: 0.8kg Probe Weight: 1kg

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