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POWER SUPPLY 3HAC16831-1 ABB - Product



Place of Origin : Fuzhou,China
Delivery Terms : 50DAYS
Delivery Time : 10-20DAYS
Payment Terms : T/T

Product Description

Gross Weight:2 kg
Product Net Weight:2 kg

Basic Information

Brand : ABB
Model : 3HAC16831-1

Physical Specification

Weight : 2 Kg
Other Specification : Zhonghaide Fujian Industrial Equipment Co.,LTD. Is A Company With The Goal Of ¬Äúintegrating The Industry's Best Resources And Striving For The Industry's Best Reputation‚ÄĚ. It Was Established In 2014 In Fuzhou City And Has The Right To Import And Export. It Is A Leading Equipment Supplier In The Field Of Automation In China. Zhonghaide Is Mainly Engaged In Industrial Automation Products Such As DCS System Modules, Frequency Converters, Sensors, And Pressure Measuring Elements In Developed Countries In Europe, The United States And Japan.The Company Relies On A Quality Team Which Has Focused R&D, Production, And Manufacturing Of Automation Equipment Upgrade Solutions For Production Lines.Meanwhile,keep Perfect After-sales Services. Cooperation Supplier:Siemens,ABB,SEW,AB,Schneider Electric,Rexroth Bosch Group,YASKAWA,FANUC,BAILEY OF ABB,KOLLMORGEN,FOXBORO,YOKOGAWA,PEPPERL+FUCHS,PILZ,VIPA. 140CPS11420 , 140DAI74000, 140CPU53414B 140CPU43412A 140DRA84000 , 140CPS11420 , 140DAI74000 140XBP00600 , 140CRA93200 , 140CRA31200 140CRP31200 140DDI35300 140NOE77101, 140XBP01000 , 140DRA84000, 140AC002000 140CPS12420 SGDS-10A12A 1764-lrp 1764-24BWA Product ID: 3BSE042236R1 Product ID: 3BSE042236R1 Siemens Module 6ES7612-2QH10-0AB4 MT30U4-36 M4-2959A-32044-142 Schneider LTMR08PFM MM22D-503-00 MM22D-503-00 MDX61B0055-5A3-4-0T MDX61B0150-503-4-0T R911310462¬†¬† R911328504¬† R911328494¬†¬† R911328090¬† R911328083¬† R911306439¬† R911298766¬† R911297164¬† R911295325¬† R911295323¬† R911295322 1756-PB72 1756-L71 MV156-PDPS 3HAC025819-001 Ge Fanuc IC754VSI12CTD A06B-0202-B400 FS225R12KE3/AGDR-71C IGBT AINT-02C Main Circuit Interface Board Modules VIPA SSM-BG41 Modules SSM-BG43 Modules VIPA SSM-BG41 Modules SSM-BG43 140DAI75300 140ACI03000 140AC002000 140DRA84000

Company Inforamtion
Zhonghaide Fujian industrial equipment Co.,LTD.
[ Distributor - China ]
 : 8th floor of SOHO B Building,Zheng Rong Fortune Center
 : 8659183971443

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 : 8659183971443
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