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hosiery machines - Product

Place of Origin : Shaoxing,China
Payment Terms : L/c

Product Description

1. Take the needle component manufacturing process in Japan, with high stability, wear resistance
2. No drum full computer control
3. Delta Air movement and control of electronic yarn Road
4. Stepper motor control density and textile yarn tension
5. Double pick, double lift Zhenda with, can be woven with Y
6. Automatic alarm system, showing needle, break, and electronic fault latch
7. Super multi-color design, up to two background 5 Jacquard (16 colors)
8. UPS uninterruptible power sys

Basic Information

Brand : Shlong
Color : Green/ Blue

Physical Specification

Other Specification : PART/MODEL SL-6FP Plain SL-6FT Terry Cylinder Diameter 3 1/2’’ 3 3/4’’ Needle Range 84-200N 84-168N Running Speed 300-380PM 250-300PM Drive Motor 1KW 1KW Fan Motor 0.75KW 0.75KW Control Box 0.80KW 0.80KW Floor Space In Cm(W*L*H) 150*110*230cm 150*110*230cm Net Weight 300kg 300kg Gross Weight 350kg 350kg Packing Specifications In Cm(W*L*H) 110*85*165cm 110*85*165cm

Company Inforamtion
Xinchang Shenglong Machinery Co., Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : No.245 Xinchang East Road, Xinchang
 : +86-575-86160007

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 : +86-575-86160007
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