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Place of Origin : Lahore,Pakistan

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Vortex Solutions represent Vulcan Seals, a UK Manufacturer offering sealing solutions for all leading pump companies i.e. KSB, Xylem, Grundfos, Ebara, Flowserve, ITT. We offer in-stock seals and gaskets in replacement to all leading seal manufacturers e.g. Burgmann, John Crane, Flowserve, AESSEAL, Chesterton.

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Brand : Vulcan

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Vortex Solutions (Pvt) Ltd
[ Distributor - Pakistan ]
 : 1st Floor, 56 Commercial, Quaid Block, Bahria Town, Lahore
 : +924235467111

 : Haroon Nazir
 : +924235467111
 : +293000025959~
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