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Place of Origin : Jianyang,China
Product Capacity : 2.4m3/min

Product Description

This product is loaded for the whole four prized symmetrical balanced piston compressor,

water-cooled, oil-free lubrication, 4 stages compression, low-pressure gas into the compressor, Through the four stages increase compression post-booster into high pressure gas wells and storage tanks for natural gas transport tanker filling and bottling the use of CNG vehicle

Basic Information

Brand : Dachuan
Model : MW-2.4/16-200

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Capacity 2.4m3/min(at Suction Condition) Suction Pressure 1.6-2.0MPaG Discharge Pressure 20MPaG Suction Temp 400C Piston Stroke 120mm 1st Cylinder Diameter 150mm 2nd Cylinder 115mm 3rd Cylinder 85mm 4th Cylinder 90mm Cooling Water Consumption 30-40m3/h Ratation Way Anticlockwise Motor Power 280Kw

Company Inforamtion
Sichuan Dachua Compressor Co., ltd
[ Exporter - China ]
 : Jianyang city, Jianshe road, Sichuan Province, China
 : +86-028-24038425

 : Lily
 : +86-028-24038425
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