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Rubber Trimming Machine for O rings/gaskets/oil seal - Product




Place of Origin : - Any -,China

Product Description

Automatic deburring is a process for removing flash from molded rubber parts. We use liquid nitrogen, high - speed rotation and shot blasted plastic media in varying combinations to remove the flash in a highly precise, economical and expedient manner. Parts that have thin flash can be quickly and thoroughly cryogenically deflashed. This process is exceptionally good at removing the inner dimensional and complex flash that cannot be removed by any other method.

Basic Information

Model : NS-60T
Color : Silver

Physical Specification

Weight : 800Kg
Other Specification : 

NS - 60T

Size: L1160mm * W1100mm * H2155mm

Weight: 800kg

Power Supply: AC380V 50HZ

Electrical Capacity: 5KW * 3PH

Design Temp: - 130Deg. C

Design Pressure: 0.5 - 0.7 Mpa

Outer Wall Material: SUS

Frame Material: 100% SUS304

Barrel Capacity: 60L

Wheel Speed: 7,200 Rpm Max

Barrel Speed: 0 - 26rpm

Media Throw Wheel Size : 250

Operation Mode: Touch Panel

Company Inforamtion
Showtan Techno Nanjing Machine Co.Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : 5th Zhuyuan Road (South) Yongning Industrial Concentration Zone, Pukou District, Nanjing 211801, PR
 : +8618061448590

 : Grace Zhong
 : +8618061448590
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