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CXWJ Forming Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom - Product

Place of Origin : Shijiahzuang,China
Delivery Time : 3-4months
Product Capacity : 20

Product Description

CXWJ Forming Fabric for Paper Making Rapier Loom

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 

Paper Machine Clothing Loom Supplier

Paper Machine Clothing Loom Manufacturer

1. Extension Of Polyester Monofilament: 0.1~0.8 mm.

2. Weft Density: 100~1200 Picks/10cm.

3. Reed Width: 5.5m-12.8m.

4. Economic Speed: 40 rpm. 

5. Power: 20KW-40KW. 

Paper Making Rapier Loom

1. Framework: The Main Wallboard Adopting Iron Box Structure. The Machine Install On The Basement.

2. Main Drive: Adopting Reluctance Motor, two Sided Coaxial Drive.

3. Shedding: Two-sided Double Acting Dobby, 20 heddle Frames

4. Weft Insertion: Servo Motor Drive, double Rapiers weft Insertion, Six-color Weft Selecting Device.

5. Beating-up: Multi-segment Combined Crank Four-linkage Weft Beating.

6. Take-up: Servo Motor Drive, electronic Control Three-roller Positive Take-up.

7. Let-off : Servo Motor Drive, double Warp Beam positive Let-off .

8. Web-rolling: External Superficial web Rolling Driven By Independent Torque Motor.

9. Lubrication: The Complete Machine Is Lubricated With Automatic Grease Lubrication And Hand Oil Lubrication.

10. Controlling: With PLC Computer Control System, The Complete Machine Can Freely Set Various Parameters And Automatically Display Faults.

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