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Place of Origin : Shenzhen,China
Delivery Time : 7 Days

Product Description

PI8000 is sensorless vector control (field oriented control, flux oriented control, indirect torque control) high performance frequency changer (variable speed drive, VSD, frequency inverter). It achieves perfect motor control via servo function, and offers comprehensive drive solution in motion control.

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Central Control Module Based On DSP, Realizes High-speed And High Performance Control. Integrate V/F Control, V/F+PG Control, Vector Control. Automatically Recognize The Parameter Of The Motor! Auto-adjust To The Best Control Mode! Dead Zone Compensate Function And Automatic Slip Compensate, 180% Torque Output Can Come Out Below 0.5HZ Frequency. Eight Switch Inputs, Three Analog Inputs, Two Analog Output, 0-10V Or 0-20mA From Inside The Scope Of The Definition Signal! Support Feedback Signal: 0-10v, 1-5v, 0-20mA, 4-20mA Simple PLC Function, At Most 15 Segments Speed Control And 8 Segments Acceleration Control Can Be Realized. Humanization Display Menu, Highlighted OLED+LED, Simultaneous Display 3 Groups Of State Parameters. Keyboard Is Hot-pluggable, Can Restore Or Copy 4 Groups Of Running Parameter Programs. Powerful Communication Function For Operator, Which Can Support Standard RS485 And Modbus, And Provide Remote Keyboard Control . Built-in PID Self-adjusting Rotate Speed Tracking Start And Power-off Reset Function High Effective Function On Default Record And Recheck, Easy Trouble -shooting. Unique EMC Design Minimizes Pollute To Electricity Resource. Entire Coating Can Work In Various Of Severe Environment. Simplicity And Fashionable Design With Industrialize Features Ratings: Power Rating : 11 Kw ~ 630 Kw (KVA) (from 15 Hp To 860 Hp) Frequency Range: 0.00 - 2000.00Hz Input Voltage: 220VAC/380VAC/440 VAC / 460VAC/575VAC/660VAC/1140VAC.

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Shenzhen POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : Powtran Building NO. 75 Baomin 2nd Road, Xixiang Street, Baoan
 : 86-755-25774546

 : Richard
 : 86-755-25774546
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