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Casting process usually refers to the metal casting process, is one of heating processing technologies handled by humans can be found recorded as early as 6,000 years ago. This technology has been attained the prime in China during 1,700 ~ 1,000 B.C, producing the bronze ware mainly at that time.

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Casting Process Usually Refers To The Metal Casting Process, Is One Of Heating Processing Technologies Handled By Humans Can Be Found Recorded As Early As 6,000 Years Ago. This Technology Has Been Attained The Prime In China During 1,700 ~ 1,000 B.C, Producing The Bronze Ware Mainly At That Time. A Large Number Of Exquisite Bronze Products Were Found Today, Represent The Superb Skills Of Those Technology That Our Ancestors Masted, And In Many Cases, The Bronze Casting Is Seen As A Symbol Of The Chinese Brilliant Ancient Civilization.


Despite It Is An Ancient Technology, The Casting Process Is Still A Very Important Method In A Modern Engineering Field, When Irregular Or Complex Structure Metal Part Is Required. In Contemporary Foundries, Workers Can Produce Much More Complicated And Heavier Or Delicate Parts, Even Though The Basic Technology Is The Same As Thousand Years Ago. First, Make A Mold, Remove The Pattern Inside And Close The Mold Back, Pour The Melted Metal, Claim The Finished Product After The Metal Cooling To Solid Form. But Now The Industrial Production Mode Applying To The Casting Process Let A Huge Amount Of Scale Production Output Possible, And At A Very Low Price. From Children's Bicycle To Airplane Undercarriage Product, Almost Everywhere There Are A Number Of Parts Can Be Found Made By The Casting Process.



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