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The Die Castng involvs 3 key elements: die casting machine, the mold and the alloy materials, the die casting could be described as the process of combining pressure, speed and time to achieve a ideal casted meatal part. The pressure applied during the casting process is the different feature from other casting method. Typically the melted metal was filled into the mold with high pressure and speed, and solidification under pressure as well to forming the casted part.

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The Die Castng Involvs 3 Key Elements: Die Casting Machine, The Mold And The Alloy Materials, The Die Casting Could Be Described As The Process Of Combining Pressure, Speed And Time To Achieve A Ideal Casted Meatal Part. The Pressure Applied During The Casting Process Is The Different Feature From Other Casting Method. Typically The Melted Metal Was Filled Into The Mold With High Pressure And Speed, And Solidification Under Pressure As Well To Forming The Casted Part. Usually The Pressure Applying During The Casting Process Is Over Dozens Mpa, With Meatal Pouring Speed Of 16~80 M/s, The Liquid Metal Only Takes 0.01~0.02 Second To Fully Fill The Die Cavity.


In Recent Years, High Technology Has Been Applied To The Field Of The Die Casting Mold. Such As The Use Of A Three-stage Injection Mechanism To Control The Pressure, Injection Speed, And Gas In The Mold. The Development Of Special Die Casting Processes (such As Vacuum Die Casting, Directional Pressure Casting, Oxygen Die Casting, Etc.) And The Application Of Computer Control Technology, Effectively Remove The Pores, Improve The Density Of The Casting, While Developing New Die Casting Mold Materials And Heat Treatment Of New Technology To Extend The Service Life, So That The Ferrous Die Casting Metal Has Made Some Progress.


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