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Textile waste recycling machine MQ-500 - Product





Place of Origin : Qingdao,China
Delivery Time : 30 Working Days
Product Capacity : 500kgs/h
Payment Terms : T/T OR LC

Product Description

The machine is used for recycling all kinds of textile waste, enable them to be fiber. It saves cost,protects the environment.

Basic Information

Brand : Shunxing

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 一、Feature 1)Adopting New Technology ,lower Power Higher Capacity 2)Long Fiber Good Function, Cleaning Rate More Than 95% 3)Whole Body Heavy Strong 15mm Steel Frame With Magnet 4)Simplicity Of Operator ; Sturdy And Durable 5)We Have Get Through CE Certificate ISO9001, UL Certificate 6)Capacity Is 500kgs/hour The Line Contains The Following Machines: 1.QD-350 Fabric Cutting Machine Technical Data : 1. Capacity : 1000-1500kgs/hour 2. Blade Roller Dia.: 320mm 3. Speed Of The Roller : 230rpm 4. Power : Blade Roller Y132s-8, 5.5kw; Feeding And Discharging Belt Y90l-4 1.5KW 5. Cutting Size : 5-500mm (pcs Of Rags) 6. Overall: 2500 * 960*1500 Mm L*w*h Usage: For Cutting Off The Fabric Or Thread As Little Pieces Enable To Recycling . 2.MQK-700 New Model Opening Machine Technical Data 1) Capacity:400-500kgs/hour 2) Cylinder : 700mm Aluminum Spiked Bar With 36400 Pins , 3) Laser Cutting Steel 15mm Frame 4) Power : Cylinder : 18.5kw , Fans :3kw 5) Cylinder Speed: 900-1320rpm 6) Weight : 1200kgs 7) Overall: 3500*1700*1250mm USEAGE: For Loosen And Tearing The Fabric Enable To Recycling Easily And Keep The Fiber Length . 3.MQF-500 Recycling Machine Technical Data 1) Capacity : 400-500kgs/hour 2) No. Of The Cylinder: Seven Cylinders 3) Dia. Of The Cylinder : 500mm Iron Cylinders 4) Cylinder Speed : 1350-1480rpm 5) Taker In Card Clothing : First 3.5tpi (tooth Per Inch ) ,second 4.5tpi,third 6tpi Forth 7tpi Fifth And Sixth 7.5tpi Seven 8tpi 6)weight : 1500kgs Each 7) Overall : 3200*1720*1350 Mm USEAGE: For Recycling The Raw Material As Cotton Fiber 4.MZZT-5 Chute Feeding System This Chute Feeding System Is Automatic Feeding The Material By Blowing Fans , And The Dust Removing Drum On The Top Of The Machine Height : 2950 Mm Weight : 180kgs Steel Side Cover With Capacitance Feeding System USEAGE: For Transport The Opened Material To The Recycling Machine

Company Inforamtion
Shandong Shunxing Machinery Co.,Ltd
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : Songling Road 58-5
 : 08653288987012

 : Kiki Zhao
 : 08653288987012
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