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Clay sand is the molding sand with clay as the binder. Sand treatment department is an important part of the foundry. Its main task is to provide qualified molding sand for the molding core-making department. The preparation of molding sand has a direct impact on the quality of casting production, the increase of output and the reduction of cost. Due to the complexity of sand treatment process, the workload of clay sand treatment and transportation is very large, and the environment is very hars

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Clay Sand Is The Molding Sand With Clay As The Binder. Sand Treatment Department Is An Important Part Of The Foundry. Its Main Task Is To Provide Qualified Molding Sand For The Molding Core-making Department. The Preparation Of Molding Sand Has A Direct Impact On The Quality Of Casting Production, The Increase Of Output And The Reduction Of Cost. Due To The Complexity Of Sand Treatment Process, The Workload Of Clay Sand Treatment And Transportation Is Very Large, And The Environment Is Very Harsh, So The Realization Of Sand Treatment Process Mechanization Is An Important Part Of Casting Production.

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