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Place of Origin : Qingdao,China
Delivery Terms : FOB Qingdao
Delivery Time : 35 Days
Product Capacity : 1 Set/week
Payment Terms : T/T

Product Description

PE PP hollow board machine
1.PLC control system
2.high capacity
3.working steady
Sunshine plate application: office building, hall, shopping malls, stadiums, public facilities, top-lighting stations, car parks, pavilions, corridors Canopy Lounge.
Elevated highway and city road noise barriers office and private residence of the interior cut off, family room, separate shower room.
PP lattice board application: PP hollow grid plate have a light texture, high strength, moisture-proof

Basic Information

Brand : Benice
Material : Steel
Color : Any
Expiry/Validation Period : 1 Year

Physical Specification

Other Specification : PE PP Hollow Board Machine 1.PLC Control System 2.high Capacity 3.working Steady Sunshine Plate Application: Office Building, Hall, Shopping Malls, Stadiums, Public Facilities, Top-lighting Stations, Car Parks, Pavilions, Corridors Canopy Lounge. Elevated Highway And City Road Noise Barriers Office And Private Residence Of The Interior Cut Off, Family Room, Separate Shower Room. PP Lattice Board Application: PP Hollow Grid Plate Have A Light Texture, High Strength, Moisture-proof, A Good Environmental Performance And Secondary Processing Performance, Processability Into A Revolving Box, Packing Box, Etc. Are Widely Used In Electronics, Home Appliances, Luggage, Machinery, Postal Services, Food, Medicine, Pesticide, As Well As In Areas Such As Advertisement Decorating.

Company Inforamtion
Qingdao Benice Plastic Machinery Co., ltd
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : South Pingcheng Road, Jiaoxi Industrial Zone, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, 266300, China
 : 0086-53285203179

 : Nick Wang
 : 0086-53285203179
 : 0086-53285203179~
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