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Place of Origin : Zhejiang,China
Delivery Terms : 30days
Delivery Time : 30days
Product Capacity : 10000pcs

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ISUTAMI LMKP-L long pilot pattern square flange linear bearing, also called LMKP-L long pilot pattern square flange linear ball bearing or LMKP-L long pilot pattern square flange linear bushing bearing. LM is the code name of the Asian standard series in linear bearings, K is the meaning of square type flange, P is the abbreviation of Pilot Pattern, and L is the abbreviation of Long. It is suitable for Asian markets using metric units, such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc.

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ISUTAMI LMKP-L Long Pilot Pattern Square Flange Linear Bearing, Also Called LMKP-L Long Pilot Pattern Square Flange Linear Ball Bearing Or LMKP-L  long Pilot Pattern Square Flange Linear Bushing Bearing. LM Is The Code Name Of The Asian Standard Series In Linear Bearings, K Is The Meaning Of Square Type Flange, P Is The Abbreviation Of Pilot Pattern, And L Is The Abbreviation Of Long. It Is Suitable For Asian Markets Using Metric Units, Such As Japan, Korea, Singapore, Etc.


LMKP-L Long Pilot Pattern square Flange Linear Bearnig, Its Bushing And Steel Balls Are Made Of Hard Carbon Bearing Steel. The Ball Retainer Is Made Of Metal Steel, Stainless Steel Or POM Material, And The Ring (sealing Ring) (usually U Or P Indicates) Is Made Of NBR Material. The Ball Retainer Is Mounted Inside The Bushing With The Steel Ball And Sealed With A Retaining Ring (seal Ring) From One Side Or Both Sides Of The Bushing.



Long Pilot Pattern Square Flange Linear Bearing LMKP-L Features

The Outer Bushing Surface Of LMKP-L Linear Bearing Is A Completely Enclosed Whole Body, Without Any Outer Stop Grooves. And There Is A Chamferable Square Flange Near One End Of The Bushing. Four Circular Connecting Holes Are Evenly Distributed In The Corner Areas Of The Flange For Fixing The Entire Bearing. The LM Asian Series Supplied By ISUTAMI: The Number Of Ball Rows Varies According To The Bearing Size And Ranges From 4 To 6 Columns. Inner Diameter (dr) Range And Tolerance, Outer Diameter (D) Range And Tolerance, Length (L) Range And Tolerance, Maximum Radial Eccentricity, Basic Dynamic Load Rating (C) Range, Basic Static Load Rating (Co) Range, Etc., Are Basically The Same As LMF-L Long Circular Flange Linear Bearing, LMK-L Long Square Flange Linear Bearing, LMFC-L Long Centered Circular Flange Linear Bearing, LMKC-L Long Centered Square Flange Linear Bearing, LMTP-L Long Pilot Pattern Oval Flange Linear Bearing, LMFP-L Long Pilot Pattern Circular Flange Linear Bearing With The Same Specification, The Specific Parameters Are Shown In The Table.


In Addition, LMKP-L Linear Ball Bushing Bearing Side Length (K) Larger Than The Diameter Of The Bushing, And The Range Is 22-106 Mm. The Height (H) Of The Flange Is 5-18mm, This Data Is Consistent With Flange Series Linear Bearings Such As LMF Circular Flange Linear Bearings And LMT Oval Flange Linear Bearings. The Weight Is Larger Than The LM-L Long Linear Bearing. The Basic Static Load Rating Is Greater Than The Basic Dynamic Load Rating, And As The Size Increases, This Value Gap Continues To Widen, Up To A Factor Of Three.


LMKP-L Linear Bearing, The Length Of The Bushing Part On One Side Is Significantly Smaller Than The Length On The Other Side, The Length Of The Shorter Side ( I) Ranges From 5mm To 13mm, This Side Has A Mounting Guide, And The Long Side Length Calculation Formula Is L-H-I. The Flange Is Matched With The Corresponding Module To Make The Shaft Positioning Simple, And It Does Not Need To Be Installed In The Matching Bearing Seat Like The Blue Linear Bearing. The Installation Is Simple And Economical. The Use Of Flange Linear Bearings Reduces The Overall Weight Of The Linear Bearing Assembly And Provides Smoother Operation.


As One Of The Most Professional pillow Block Bearing Manufacturers In China, ISUTAMI Is Committed To Providing Customers With The Best Possible Quality Bearing Products At The Most Reasonable Price. If You Want To Know More Details Or Want A Quotation, Just Feel Free To Contact Us!

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