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Place of Origin : Zhejiang,China
Delivery Terms : 30days
Delivery Time : 30days
Product Capacity : 10000pcs

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ISUTAMI KBA-AJ adjustment linear bearing pillow block, also known as KBA-AJ clearance-adjusting linear bearing unit, linear bearing pillow block europe, KBA-AJ clearance-adjusting linear slide unit or KBA-AJ clearance-adjusting linear case housing (unit), is a suitable for linear motion products in the European market.

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ISUTAMI KBA-AJ adjustment Linear Bearing Pillow Block, Also Known As KBA-AJ Clearance-adjusting Linear Bearing Unit, linear Bearing Pillow Block Europe, KBA-AJ Clearance-adjusting Linear Slide Unit Or KBA-AJ Clearance-adjusting Linear Case Housing (unit), Is A Suitable For Linear Motion Products In The European Market. AJ Is An Abbreviation For Adjustment. This Model Consists Of An Adjustable Aluminum Housing With 4 Fixing Holes And A Matching KB-AJ Adjustment Linear Bearing. The Unit Has A Screw And Screw Hole For Adjusting The Aluminum Casing. There Are Also Two Rubber Seals (UU) At Both Ends Of The Linear Bearing To Prevent Debris Or Ball Bearing Contamination. In Addition, The Aluminum Housing Is Used Because It Is Small And Light, And Has Strong Corrosion Resistance.




KBA-AJ Linear Bearing Pillow Block Features

The KBA-AJ Clearance-adjustable Linear Bearing Pillow Block Is A Single-length European Metric Version, With Adjustable Clearance. The KB-AJ Adjustment Linear Bearing Is Mounted Inside The Housing, It Is Easier To Install On A Linear Shaft Because Of Its Lightly Adjustable Characteristics, Saving Time. The Advantages Of The Bushing With Clearance Also Include Less Tilt Or Friction, Less Wear Over Time, And Better Machining Features.


If You Are Manufacturing CNC Milling Machines, Milling Machines Or Lathes That Require Precise Linear Motion, It Is A Perfect Solution To Install This Aluminum Linear Bearing Housing With KBA-AJ Linear Bearings. Aluminum Case Housing Size Range: Length (L) Ranges 30-122mm; Width (W) Ranges 34-132mm; Height (F) Ranges 22-144; Minimum Size Item KBA8 Combination Size Is 30*34*22mm, Maximum Size Item SMA60, The Combined Size Is 122*132*144mm And All The Product Size Error Is Between±0.02mm. These Data Are The Same As KBA Standard Linear Bearing Pillow Block. The Aluminum Housing Has Four CNC Drilled Holes, Threaded Holes And Countersunk Holes Of The Same Size M4-M12, Which Can Be Easily And Safely Mounted To Almost Any Linear Motion System.


A Typical CNC System Consists Of A Linear Shaft Of Matching Diameter, Ranging From 8 To 60 Mm In Diameter, Mounted On Both Ends Of The Shaft By Two End Supports, And The Bearing Housing With Adjustment Linear Bearings Runs Straight Along The Shaft. Most CNC Machines Have Two Such Components Mounted Side-by-side, Using A Housing As A Stand To Support The Mobile Platform. The Housing Can Be Mounted From Above Or Below, Making It Easy To Install Into The Intended System. Positioning And Accuracy Enhancement Are Facilitated By Being Used As A Side Aspect Of The Datum. The Extruded Aluminum Housing Is Subjected To Sufficient Extrusion And Heat Treatment To Create A Compact, Lightweight And Precision Product.


As One Of The Most Professional ball Bearing Manufacturers In China, ISUTAMI Is Committed To Providing Customers With The Best Possible Quality Bearing Products At The Most Reasonable Price. If You Want To Know More Details Or Want A Quotation, Just Feel Free To Contact Us!

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