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Tissue toilet Paper making machine production line - Product




Place of Origin : Luo Yang,China
Delivery Time : 6mouth
Product Capacity : 150T/D
Payment Terms : 6mouth

Product Description

We can design the factory according to the customer's requirement. Customers can use the original paddle board, sugarcane waste or
waste paper, or they can decide the final production's quality which they intend to produce. We provide complete production line of toilet paper roll, which can produce the following kinds of paper.
1.Toilet paper 2. Napkin
3. Facial tissue 4. Hand paper

Basic Information

Material : Mental

Physical Specification

Weight : 1500t
Other Specification : 

The Paper Production Line Is Made Up Of Seven Main Parts

     1.  stock Preparation System(pulping Section)
2.wire Section Manufacture Of Paper Mills In Chain
3.Vacuum Press Section Kraft Paper Machinery
4.Ordinary Press Section
5.drying Section Corrugated Paper Machine
6.paper Winding Section
7.finished Paper Section

Company Inforamtion
Luoyang Baolian Equipment Co., Ltd.
[ Exporter - China ]
 : 367 Guanlin Road,, Luoyang
 : 13633879229

 : Lina
 : +86 13633879229
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