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Handheld laser welding laser welding machine for sale handheld laser welding machine - Product



Place of Origin : Shijaizhuang,China
Delivery Terms : 1-100dyas
Delivery Time : 1-100dyas
Product Capacity : 100 Containers Per Month
Payment Terms : T/T

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Handheld laser welding laser welding machine for sale handheld laser welding machine

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Handheld Laser Welding     laser Welding Machine For Sale     handheld Laser Welding Machine


SUPOHEER Fiber Laser Welding Machine is A Kind Of Laser Welding Equipment That Couples A High-energy Laser Beam into An Optical Fiber, Collimates It Into Parallel Light Through A Collimating Lens, And Then Focuses On The workpiece To Perform Welding. For Parts That Are Difficult To Be Welded, The Flexible Transmission non-contact Welding Is Implemented, Which Has Greater Flexibility.


Product Features

1. Hand-held Welding Is Easy To Learn, Easy To Use, And Does Not Require Professional Operators Similar To Arc welding.

2. The Operation Mode Of The Hand-held Welding Gun Can Weld The Workpiece At Any Angle. Suitable For various Complex Welding, Spot Welding Of Various Devices.

3. The Light Source Of the Fiber Continuous Laser Welding Machine adopts A 1000W Fiber Continuous Laser, And the Laser Life Can Reach 100,000 Hours.

4. The Laser Welding Machine Is Maintenance-free, Stable, And Low In Cost;

5. Laser Welding Has High Energy Density, Small Thermal Deformation, Narrow Heat Affected Zone And Large penetration Depth;

6. The Welding Seam Is Fine, The Depth Is Large, And The Precision Is High. The Appearance Of The Welding Seam is Smooth, Flat And Beautiful, Eliminating The Need For Subsequent Polishing And Other Processes;

7. It Is Also Suitable For Spot Welding Of Various Complex Welding Seams And Various Devices.

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Hebei suofu Trading Co., Ltd
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 : Zhang Bo
 : 86031185214950
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