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Place of Origin : Anhui,China
Delivery Terms : 5days
Delivery Time : 5days

Product Description

Line 5/ line 7 beading machines are used to make reinforced ribs in the duct area, and it can output 5 or 7 reinforced ribs at one time. Customer can customize multiple-line beading machine according to different requirements.

Basic Information

Brand : BLKMA

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 

Line 5/ Line 7 Beading Machines Are Used To Make Reinforced Ribs In The Duct Area, And It Can Output 5 Or 7 Reinforced Ribs At One Time. Customer Can Customize Multiple-line Beading Machine According To Different Requirements.


Beading Machine Performance Feature:

Line 5 beading Beader machine and Line 7 Beading Machine Are Used To Make Sheet Metal Reinforced Ribs During HVAC Air Duct Processing. This Machine Can Groove 5 Or 7 Reinforced Ribs At The Same Time With Stable Working And High Quality. Our Company Can Also Customize Multiple Lines Grooving Machine On The Basis Of Customers' Demand. The Metal Sheet duct beading machine /metal Sheet Grooving Machine Is A Part Of Ventilation Air Duct Manufacturing Machines, It Can Be Used With Other Rectangular HVAC Tube Forming Machines Together To Finish A Whole Duct Production, Such As Lock Forming Machine, Pneumatic Sheet Metal Folding Machine, TDF Flange Forming Machine, Electric Shearing Machine, Lock Seam Closing Machine, Clips Cutting Machine, Etc. Meanwhile, It Will Be Very Important To Maintain The Beading Machine After You Use It Few Months. The Machine Will Be More Smooth To Use And Using Time Will Be Longer If Operator Adds Lubrication Oil On The Parts Before Operating It. According To Different Needs Of Every Customer, BLKMA Can Provide You Special Cases Of Machines Corresponding To Customers Requirement And Actual Using Conditions. As A Professional Manufacturer Of Ventilation Air Duct Making Machines, The Company Can Provide CNC HVAC Whole Duct Making Machine Line And Separate Machines To Meet Different Customers Needs. Our Address Is Dongcheng Industrial Park, Bowang Town, Bowang District, Ma'anshan City, Anhui Province. Welcome People All Over The World To Visit Our Factory And Test Machines. What's More, You Can Choose OEM Service Too. For After-sales Service, We Have Skilled Technicians Who Can Teach You How To Operate Machines By Video And We Can Also Provide Engineer Overseas Service Or You Can Send The Worker To Our Factory To Learn Operation Way.


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