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NEMICON Pulse encoders - Product

Place of Origin : Zhongshan,China

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Pulse Encoder, brand NEMICON, from Nuodi China
Model No.: 18S-400-2MC-2-15-00E 18S-360-2MC-2-15-00E  OPN-4096-2MC HES-036-2MD
OSS-036-2HC OSS-03-2HC NE-20-2MD OSS-01-1HC OSS-025-1HC
 HES-03-2MD HES-0125-2MD HES-006-2MD HES-005-2MD HES-004-2MD
NE-50-2MD NE-4096-2MD NE-36-2MD NE-25-2MD NE-2048-2MD
 OSS-006-2 OSS-05-1 OSS-01-2M OSS-006-2M OVF-1024-2MHCP-800-050-00
SBH-8192-5MD-20-015-C16A 38 38H-1000-2MT-8-50-B00E
OLM2-01-2D-00E  HES-0032-2MD HES-2048-2MHT HES-25-2MHT HES-224-2M HES-0032-2M

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 

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