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Metric Thread Cable Gland Reinforced A Type - Product


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The plastic and rubber parts of the reinforced cable glands are made of the best materials. The plastic part is more solid and the surface is more wear-resistant; rubber seals and gaskets have better thickness and flexibility and are made with precision, which is 100% compatible with the cable connector, ensuring the waterproof and dustproof performance of the cable gland.
As a cable gland supplier, we provide high-quality metric cable glands with various sizes.

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The Plastic And Rubber Parts Of The Reinforced Cable Glands Are Made Of The Best Materials. The Plastic Part Is More Solid And The Surface Is More Wear-resistant; Rubber Seals And Gaskets Have Better Thickness And Flexibility And Are Made With Precision, Which Is 100% Compatible With The Cable Connector, Ensuring The Waterproof And Dustproof Performance Of The Cable Gland.

As A Cable Gland Supplier, We Provide High-quality metric Cable Glands with Various Sizes. The Metric Cable Gland Size Chart Is Below.


Metric Thread Cable Gland Reinforced A Type Specifications

 Metric Cable Glands Sizes , Parameters And Drawing


Our Superb Production Process Makes The Surface Of The Sealing Nut Smooth And Delicate, And The Internal Thread Is Neat And Clear. The Design Of Bottom Slot Line Can Improve The Waterproof Performance.

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