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60245 IEC 53(YZ) 300/500V Ordinary Duty Tough Rubber Insulated And Sheathed Fle - Product

Place of Origin : Wuxi,China

Product Description

60245 IEC53(YZ) Ordinary Duty Tough Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cable.It is suitable for household appliances、electric tools/instrument and other various moveable electrical equipments of rated voltage up to and including 450/750V.
Code Name
60245 IEC 53(YZ)
Rated Voltage (Uo/U)
Cable Structure
CU/Rubber Insulation/Rubber Sheath


Basic Information

Brand : Wucai

Physical Specification

Other Specification :  CONSTRUCTION Conductor Number Of Conductors:2,3,4 Or 5 The Conductors Shall Comply With The Requirement Given In IEC 60228 For Class 5 The Wires May Be Plain Or Tinned. Insulation Rubber Compound Of Type IE4 According To IEC Sheath Rubber Compound Of Type SE3 According To IEC

Company Inforamtion
Wuxi Jiangnan Cable co.Ltd
[ Distributor - China ]
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