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Place of Origin : Shenzhen,China

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Insulated Terminals/cable Lug We are professionally produce high quality Insulated /insulated terminals with more than 7 years global marketing experience.Insulated wiring terminals include Insulated spade/ fork terminals, Insulated Ring/Circular terminals, Insulated spade/ fork terminals, Insulated blade/Chip-sgaped terminals, Insulated pin terminals, Insulated tube terminals, Insulated cord end terminals.

Basic Information

Brand : HG
Material : Copper,Tin

Physical Specification

Other Specification : We Are Professionally Produce High Quality Non-insulated /insulated Terminals With More Than 7 Years Global Marketing Experience.Non-insulated Wiring Terminals Include Non-insulated Spade/ Fork Terminals, Non-insulated Ring/Circular Terminals, Non-insulated Spade/ Fork Terminals, Non-insulated Blade/Chip-sgaped Terminals, Non-insulated Pin Terminals, Non-insulated Tube Terminals, Non-insulated Cord End Terminals. RV Insulated Ring Cable Terminals: 1.CE,RoHS,ISO2001,Reach 2.Screw Dia :3.2 ~ 13.0mm 3.Cable Size:0.5 ~10mm2 4.A.W.G:22 ~ 8 SV Insulated Spade Terminal/Connector,Insulated Fork Terminal: 1.CE RoHS, ISO2001 Certification 2.SV1.25,SV2,SV3.5,SV5.5,SV8 3.Terminal Material: Copper,Tin-Coated 4.Maximum Electric CurrVEt Of SV Series: A.W.G Cable Size(mm2) Max CurrVEt(A) 22-16 0.5 - 1.5 19 16-14 1.5 - 2.5 27 14-12 2.5 - 4 37 12-10 4 - 6 48 8 6-10 62 DBV Insulated Chip Shaped Terminal/Lug: 1.CE,RoHS,ISO2001 ... 2.DBV 1.25,DBV2,DBV5.5, DBV8,DBV14,DBV22 3.99.9% Pure Copper PTV Insulated Pin Terminal: 1.Material:copper, Tin-plated 2.Maximum Voltage: 75C 600V 3.AWG:22-16, 16-14, 12-10 4.Max CurrVEt:19~48A 5.CE,RoHS,ISO2001 ... BV Insulated Butt Terminal 1.Full Ranges Of Terminals For Selection 2.purity Of Copper Up To 99.9%,Tin-Coated 3.ISO9001&RoHS&CE Insulated Cord End Terminals VE 1.99.9% Pure Copper 2.CE,Rohs,ISO9001 Certificate 3.full Ranges Of VE Terminal Meikeda Company Is Your Direct Source For Professional Grade Terminal And Connector's Supplier. We Can Supply PVC Insulated Terminals, Nylon-insulated Terminals,naked Terminals, Copper Terminals, Cable Terminals, Butt Terminals...

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Shenzhen Meikeda Electric CO.,LTD
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 : Aimee Liu
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