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Place of Origin : Shenzhen,China
Delivery Terms : Air Express
Delivery Time : 7days
Product Capacity : 1000/M
Payment Terms : TT LC

Product Description

Our FBG series products:FBG temperature sensor,FBG strain sensorFBG pressure sensorFBG Humidity sensorWavelength:1530-1565nmFBG length:3mm,15mm

Basic Information

Brand : Hoyatek
Model : Hoyatek-ASE
Material : Metal
Color : Black Silver
Expiry/Validation Period : Forever

Physical Specification

Size or Volume : 100*80*16
Weight : 0.5kg
Other Specification : Fiber Bragg Gratings Are Basic Components For A Wide Range Of Applications In The Areas Of Telecommunications, Lasers And Sensors. With Excellent Apodization Technologies, Hoyatek Can Offer High Quality FBG To Meet Different Requirements From Customers Features: High Stability And Reliability Length Customized Grating High SLSR Applications: Civil Construction Power Station Oil & Gas Our Main Products Are The Inner Core Module As ASE Broadband Lightsource,DFB,SLED Lightsource,Gas Sensor Are Together To Used In The Fiber Optical Sensing Area. Other Related Components :FBG Temperature Sensor,FBG Strain Sensor,FBG Pressure Sensor,FBG Humidity Sensor,fiber Optical Coupler,isolator,switch,splitter,attenuator.patchcord. Please Contact Us For More Technical Support.

Company Inforamtion
Shenzhen Hoyatek Co.,Ltd
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : Room1101,shenzhen university park., nanshan,xili
 : +86-755-26004385

 : Yingmei
 : +86-755-26004385
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