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3.2v 3.3Ah CRF26650HC cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery - Product

Place of Origin : Qinhuangdao,China

Product Description

Lithium ion battery /Batteries
Light, high energy density
Long life cycles;Low self discharge rate
No memory effect;Environmental-friendly

Basic Information

Brand : Xinchi

Physical Specification

Other Specification : 3.2v 3.3Ah CRF26650HC Cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery Lithium Ion Battery /Batteries Light, High Energy Density Long Life Cycles Low Self Discharge Rate No Memory Effect. Environmental-friendly KEY WORDS: Lithium-ion Battery, Li-ion Battery, Li Ion Battery, Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium-ion Cells, Li Ion Batteries , Li Ion Battery Pack , Li-ion Battery Pack ,Rechargeable Battery, Rechargeable Battery, Li Ion, Batteries, Batterie ,Lithium Ionen, Lion Lithium Battery, Battery Lithium, Battery Pack, Liion Batteries, Lithium Ions,l Ithion Battery, Lithium Ionen Batterie, Battery Rechargeable, Rechargeable Batteries, Li-on Battery, Lithium Iron Battery, Batterie Lithium, Batterie Au Lithium, Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium Ion Battery Pack, Ion Lithium Battery, Batteries Lithium Ion, Li-ion Batteries, Lithium Ion Battery Packs, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery, Lithium Batteries, Lithium Battery, 18650, 18650 Battery, 18650 Battery, Lithium-ion Battery Pack, Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, Li-ion Rechargeable Battery, Rechargeable Lithium Battery ,battery Pack,18650,26650, Liion Battery, Li-on Battery, Lion Batteries, Lithium Iron Batteries Nominal Voltage 3.2V Nominal Capacity 3300mAh Resistance <=30 Max Continue Discharge Current 10A End Of Charge Voltage 3.65V End Of Discharge Voltage 2.0V Cycle Life >=1500 Weight 86g Dimensions(mm) 26*65 Applications Power Tools Storage Equipment Electric Bicycle Power Toys E-bike Electric Car Electric Motorcar Electric Bus Electric Tricycle Electric Toys UPS

Company Inforamtion
Qinhuangdao Xinchi Photoelectricity Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 :  275km South to No.102 National Road, Shenhe Industry Park, Funing County, Qinhuangdao,Hebei,China
 : 86-335-7122287

 : helen ren
 : 86-335-7122287
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