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Product Description

Product Description
Marine salvage magnet is a super strong search magnet, you can use the salvage magnets to fish lost metal objects out of the water. If you accidentally lose something in the deep water, like your keys, tools, etc, then you will need a salvage tool, this handy magnet will be your good helper.It is an ideal magnetic tool for fishermen, divers, plumbers and treasure hunters.

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 Product Description

Marine Salvage Magnet Is A Super Strong Search Magnet, You Can Use The salvage Magnets to Fish Lost Metal Objects Out Of The Water. If You Accidentally Lose Something In The Deep Water, Like Your Keys, Tools, Etc, Then You Will Need A Salvage Tool, This Handy Magnet Will Be Your Good Helper.It Is An Ideal Magnetic Tool For Fishermen, Divers, Plumbers And Treasure Hunters.

Epoxy Sealed And Nickel Coated, The Marine Salvage Magnet Has The Ability To Withstand The Marine Environment. The High-performance Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet Provides Enough Pull Force. There Are One Side Salvage Magnets And Two Sides Salvage Magnets. One Side Salvage Magnets Are Just Eye Bolt Ring Pot Magnets. The One Sided Salvage Magnets Have The Powerful Magnetic Force That Can Reach 600kgs.

The Holding Force Depends On The Magnetic Flux Produced By The Magnet, But Certain Factors Which Limit Or Impede The Flow Of The Magnetic Flux To The Metal And Reduce The Holding Capacity Should Be Taken Into Account:

1. The Thickness Of The Metal That Used For Salvage Magnets.

To Let The Marine Salvage Magnets Have Maximum Magnetic Force, It Needs A Minimum Thickness/height For The Metal(iron)shell. For Example, 10cm, If The Metal Is Too Thin And Do Not Up To The Minimum Thickness, Then They Can Not Fully Guide The Magnetic Line Produced By The Salvage Magnets And The Holding Force Will Be Weaker.

2. The Material Of The Metal/iron Used For Salvage Magnets.

The Material Of The Piece Is Very Important For Good Magnetic Holding. Soft Steels (low Carbon Content) Present The Best Holding (100%). However, There Are Others With High Percentages Of Carbon Alloys Of Other Materials, Which Lose Their Holding Capacity. Also, Some Heat Treatments Reduce The Capacity Of Steels To Be Held By Magnetic Chucks. In General, The Harder The Steel, The Worse They Behave And Have A Tendency To Retain Magnetism Once They Have Been Removed From The Magnet. Sometimes It Can Even Be Difficult To Remove The Piece From The Magnet.

3. The Contact Surface Conditions Of Salvage Magnets.

To Achieve Good Magnetic Holding Force, The Contact Surfaces Of The Salvage Magnet Must Be In Optimum Condition. If The Surface Is Not Completely Flat Or With A Rough Finish, Then The Marine Salvage Magnets Have A Weaker Holding Capacity Than Those With A Ground Surface.So It Is Important To Keep The Surface Of The Salvage Magnet In Nice Condition.


4. The Contact Area Between Salvaged Pieces And Salvage Magnet.

The Holding Force Is Directly Proportional To The Contact Area Of The Piece With The Salvage Magnet. Large Pieces With Large Contact Surfaces Offer Sufficient Holding Forces, While Small Pieces With Small Contact Surfaces Can Not Provide Strong Holding Force.




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