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Delivery Time : 2-4 Weeks
Product Capacity : 20000pcs Per Month

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BRD Optical can provide the hemisphere, not only a glass dome, but also a acrylic dome with flange, is widely used with all kinds of cameras such as CCTV, ROVs, etc. The flanges are easier to install. Of course it retains all its optical properties.

In the current market, more are acrylic domes with flange, After all, acrylic material is easier to form, but its optical properties are limited, secondly, its surface is easy to be engraved, which will greatly reduce the imaging effect.

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BRD Optical can Provide The Hemisphere, Not Only A Glass Dome, But Also A acrylic Dome With Flange, Is Widely Used With All Kinds Of Cameras Such As CCTV, ROVs, Etc. The Flanges Are Easier To Install. Of Course It Retains All Its Optical Properties.


In The Current Market, More Are Acrylic Domes With Flange, After All, Acrylic Material Is Easier To Form, But Its Optical Properties Are Limited, Secondly, Its Surface Is Easy To Be Engraved, Which Will Greatly Reduce The Imaging Effect.


It Is Harder For Glass To Form And Make Useful optical Element, Through Repeated Design And Experiment, BRD Optical Has Successfully Produced Autumn Optical Dome With Flange.


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