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Place of Origin : Bazhou,China
Delivery Terms : 5-10 Days
Delivery Time : 5days
Product Capacity : 10000
Payment Terms : TT/PC

Product Description

Our company produces Duct Rodders has 12 years of history, we generate different diameter of Duct Rodders, diameter range from 3mm to 15mm length of 15mm.Duct Rodders, 60m, 100m, 150m, 180m and a variety of specifications, of course also can according to the customer need to customize the length. The color of the rod is divided into white, yellow, orange, blue, black, green, red, we on the rod make m the number of markers, and can be used for the customers in the rod marker custo

Basic Information

Brand : Wanqi
Model : Can Choose
Material : 75-80% E-glass fiber +High density polyethylene(outer)
Color : Yellow/red/black/blue/green/white
Expiry/Validation Period : Permanently

Physical Specification

Weight : 15kg
Other Specification : Model Diameter Of Duct Rodder Length HTCK4550 Φ4.5mm 50m HTCK45100 100m HTCK6100 Φ6mm 100m HTCK6150 150m HTCK8100 Φ8mm 100m HTCK8150 150m HTCK9100 Φ9mm 100m HTCK9150 150m HTCK9200 200m HTCK9250 250m HTCK10100 Φ10mm 100m HTCK10150 150m HTCK10200 200m HTCK10250 250m HTCK11100 Φ11mm 100m HTCK11150 150m HTCK11200 200m HTCK11250 250m HTCK11300 300m HTCK12150 Φ12mm 150m HTCK12200 200m HTCK12250 250m HTCK12300 300m HTCK12350 350m HTCK13200 Φ13mm 200m HTCK13250 250m HTCK13300 300m HTCK13350 350m HTCK14200 Φ14mm 200m HTCK14250 250m HTCK14300 300m HTCK14350 350m HTCK14450 450m HTCK15200 Φ15mm 200m HTCK15250 250m HTCK15300 300m HTCK15350 350m HTCK15450 450m HTCK16200 Φ16mm 200m HTCK16250 250m HTCK16300 300m HTCK16350 350m HTCK16450 450m HTCK16500 500m

Company Inforamtion
Bazhou WanQi electrical tools factory
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : East Industrial Zone, North Loop Road, Bazhou, Hebei, No.286,ying bin road, bazhou city, hebei province ,china
 : 0316-7902101

 : Caeser
 : +86-0316-7902101
 : +8613313261691~
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