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butyl rubber tape - Product

Place of Origin : Ningbo,China

Product Description

Polyethylene tape for anticorrosion & Primer
The high quality anticorrosion coating systems of polyethylene tape for pipelines of any diameter for petroleum, natural gas, water supply, city gas, oil and electric power industries etc.

Basic Information

Brand : IDEAL
Material : Polyethylene,butyl Rubber
Color : Black,white,yellow

Physical Specification

Other Specification : Name: Outer Tape (Anticorrosion Tape,Anticorrosion Product,Anticorrosion Material) Features: 1) The Specification Of The Tape Consists Of Two Layers, Adhesive And Film 2) Inner Layer: Butyl Rubber 3) Outer Layer: Polyethylene 4) Thickness: 0.40 - 1.30mm 5) Width: 50, 75, 100, 150, 230mm 6) Length: 20-61meter Tapes Specifications: 1) T-240 With 0.38mm / 15mil Thickness And 50 - 230mm Width 2) T-250 With 0.51mm / 20mil Thickness And 50 - 230mm Width 3) T-265 With 0.64mm / 25mil Thickness And 50 - 230mm Width 4) T-280 With 0.76mm / 30mil Thickness And 50 - 230mm Width 5) T-2100 With 1.02mm / 40mil Thickness And 50 - 230mm Width 6) T-2130 With 1.27mm / 50mil Thickness And 50 - 230mm Width Packing: Carton Related Keyword: Anticorrosion Tape, Polyken Anticorrosion Product, Anticorrosion Model Name/Number: T-240, T-250, T-265, T-280, T-2100, T-2130 Brand Name: NbIdeal Pay Term: L/C, T/T Polyethylene Tape For Anticorrosion & Primer The High Quality Anticorrosion Coating Systems Of Polyethylene Tape For Pipelines Of Any Diameter For Petroleum, Natural Gas, Water Supply, City Gas, Oil And Electric Power Industries Etc. Anticorrosion Coating Systems Are Formed By The Best Combination Of Primer, Inner Wrap Tape(anticorrosion Coating Tapes) And Outer Wrap Tape(mechanical Coating Tapes). The Tape As Consists Of Two Parts: 1. Adhesive: Inner Layer Of Butyl Rubber. 2. Backing: Outer Layer Of Polyethylene(PE) Plastic.

Company Inforamtion
Ningbo Ideal anticorrosion Material co.,ltd.
[ Manufacturer - China ]
 : No.345 haitong road,Cixi city
 : +86-574-63444666

 : Cathy Lin
 : +86-574-63392037
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